How WASSEA works

As indicated in About WASSEA, WASSEA is managed by a Management Committee. The current President, Janette Gee is on Executive Release. Apart from executive tasks, such as Treasurer, the Management Committee carries out its various functions by working in teams. These teams are led by a Management Committee member and might include other WASSEA members. The team leader represents WASSEA at any meetings with other parties. On some occasions a group deputation is involved. If you have a particular interest and want to help you can do so by joining a team. You could, for example, assist by reading and commenting on documents under development. You might like to make yourself available more extensively for meetings or teleconferences. You can express an interest through by telephone, mail or emailing us.

The following details the WASSEA management structure. Teams that are involved in the various functions are included. Team Leader's names are mentioned first.

The Management Committee has overall responsibility for running the WASSEA in accordance with the Constitution. See About WASSEA for more details.

Member Specific Functions and Services

WASSEA leases office space in Tuart College at 105 Banksia Street in Tuart Hill. Brian White provides clerical and office services on contract. Brian is in the Office during the mornings of most weekdays. General administration is conducted at the office.

The Office Services Team members are Janette Gee, Brian White (Reception), Annette Heritage (Events) and Steve Gee (Finance).

Liaison with other associations (including non government school associations) is a responsibility of the president.


Newsletters (Communications) are written and distributed by the President on a regular basis.

WASSEA is a partner in the production and distribution of the national magazine "Principal Matters".

The WASSEA Web-Site has been designed and developed by Tina Carman on contract.

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