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The Objects of the Association are to:

Enhance the professional status and expertise of secondary school executives and the quality of secondary education in Western Australia;

Promote the professional interests and welfare of its members;

Organise and conduct regular meetings, conferences, forums and seminars for the advancement of education and professional development of members;

Be recognised as an important consultative group by the Minister for Education, the Department of Education and Training, and other key agencies and be represented on policy-making bodies which impact on education;

Initiate, promote and encourage education research and investigation;

Disseminate information on educational issues to members;

Promote and maintain standards of professional ethics and conduct of its members;

Enable members to cooperate as a body with other organisations in the pursuit of the aims of the Association;

Represent the members in negotiations or other meetings with relevant parties concerning terms and conditions of employment and the ongoing employment of members.

WASSEA is run by a Management Committee. By agreement with DoE, the President Janette Gee is currently on Executive Release.

All Management Committee members are elected for a two year term. Elections are timed to coincide with the Annual General Meeting.

WASSEA is a highly respected professional association with close links to the other professional associations. It is an affiliate of the Australian Secondary Principals Association.

The Association is formally recognised by Government, the Department of Education, the Curriculum Council, WACSSO, the non-government school sector, the media and by many community organisations as the body which speaks for secondary principals and deputy principals.

The President is regularly asked to comment, privately and publicly, about a variety of educational matters.

The Association's activities broadly fit into two main categories that provide:

Personal and Professional Services to Members

Advice to Government and to the Department

  • Communications from the President on a regular basis.

  • Assistance in raising individual or group issues / grievances with EDWA.

  • An avenue for obtaining professional advice.

  • Opportunity to attend the WASSEA Conference each year with subsidised travel for country members and reduced rates for all members.

  • Professional and learning opportunities.

  • Journey Insurance to, from and during work.

  • Discount buying service.

  • Legal Assistance plan.

  • Access to the Minister.
  • Access to the Director General.

  • An Agreement with DoE that includes:
    Executive Release for the President.
    A subsidy for travel to conferences.

  • President representation on the Principals Consultative Group that meets regularly with the Director General.

  • Representation by the President, members of the Management Committee and other members on DoE Reference Groups.

Members who are not on the Management Committee can contribute to the work of the association through the Web Site and by involvement in Reference Group sub committees.

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